Trading Profits Paid For My Vacation

Trading ProfitsThis weeks Trading video, I show how I only traded for three days and made enough money to pay for my entire trip to Costa Rica.  The profits were large enough to cover my first class flight, hotel, surf trips, all excursions, and food.  Sorry, no private jets I do not make enough money for that, lol.  Being a trader is a great way to earn extra income or full-time income once you learn how to master the craft of trading.

It’s nice being back home from vacation and knowing that while I was gone that I was able to generate income while not sacrificing my time. I think everyone should visit Costa Rica at least once.

The French Election are taking place this weekend and most traders will be watching to see if we get a Brexit type of reaction to the news. In this video, I show how I am looking to trade the Euro after the news has been released. I also take a look at the Usd/Cad.  If Dollar Canada can breakout of the consolidation, there is a good chance that the currency pair can retest the highs.  Both of the currency pairs that I have covered in this video. I will only be trading in the direction of the Daily Forex Bias.

The FREE daily bias is going to be relaunched in the near future.  If you are not yet a member just click here to join.

Trading Profits Paid For My Vacation Video:


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