MACD Divergence

MACD DivergenceThis week’s Forex video I will show you that several currency pairs have MACD Divergence as I am writing this post. In the blog post, I will also give you an opportunity to access a new FREE resource that most educators would charge hundreds of dollars for.

What is MACD Divergence?

MACD Divergence is when a Currency pair, Futures contract or stock makes a new high, but the MACD indicator fails to make a new high. Divergence can also be when a Currency pair, Futures contract or stock makes a new low, but the cates that the MACD indicator does not make a new low.  MACD divergence indicates that momentum is running out of steam.  When you think MACD Divergence think possible trend change.

New Traders Resource

Next we I will be launching a FREE traders resource that will allow traders to meet-up in a webinar event that will be moderated by myself.  The goal of this meet-up is for traders to discuss what’s working now, what has not worked well in the past.  The goal will be to accelerate the learning curve for traders.  All traders will get the chance to speak if they wish. If you would like to join simply click on the link here and you will be emailed an invite.

Forex Trading Video