How To Identify The Trend

how to identify the trendThe topic of this webinar is on how to Identify the trend. Learning how to identify a trend can be a huge asset for a trader to learn.  By knowing what the trend is will help a trader to position their trade in the same direction as the trend.  By positioning a trade in the direction of the trend the odds of a trade going in the trader’s favor increases.

During the webinar I showed traders how to not only spot a trend.  I also showed traders how to know when the trend has ended. Knowing when the trend has ended is equally important skill for a trader to develop.  

During the webinar I also showed traders how to  get NinjaTrader for FREE.  Yes I said FREE I believe that NinjaTrader is one of the best tools a trader can have. The reason I believe this is not because of NinjaTraders Awesome charts, but their playback feature.  You may be asking what is playback? Playback allows traders to place trades on past data. By being able to trade on recorded data this will help you take your trading to the next level.

Not only can you practice trading using NinjaTrader, but you can also study the market tick by tick.  By studying the Forex, Futures or stock market from the right edge of the screen. A trader will increase a his/her ability in real time. Using market playback a trader can’t cheat be looking ahead to see what has took place on a price chart. This is why using playback to learn how to identify the trend can accelerate the learning curve of trading.

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