Can You Make $400 An Hour Trading?

In this week’s video, I will discuss the possibilities of making $400 an hour trading the markets. I will also cover a few currencies that could be in play.

The first currency pair I will be discussing will be the GBP/USD. This pair is near support and a swing low that has held since October. I have found in the past the more times a currency pair tests a level, the more likely it is that level will break, so I don’t like to see price testing levels too many times.

The second pair we will look at is the GBP/JPY. This pair has been forming a triangle that is likely about to break. As traders, the best thing we can do is wait for the break and then look for a retest. We can make the case that this pair will break lower. However, we can also make the case that the break will be higher and that the pair will test the highs from December.

As many of you may know FXCM is no longer able to operate in the U.S. My Forex account has been transferred to another broker because of this. I have only placed one trade with this broker so far because, to be honest, I’m not happy with the spreads, but it seems that U.S. traders do not have many options.

So due to FXCM being forced to shut down their U.S. operations, I have been studying the Futures market over that past few weeks. I do like what I see so far. I have opened a small live account to start testing. This week I was able to average over $400 an hour trading. Unfortunately, my total trading for the entire week was less than an hour. If I could maintain this hourly rate spread out over a 40 hour week, I would be in great shape.

I posted my trades below, as an example. I know most of you will look at the win/loss ratio and be amazed. I’m not worried about that stat so much at this time though. The key metric I will be working on this week will be the average win and average loss per trade. I need to stay disciplined just like I do when I trade the spot Forex market and as a result, this number will increase.

It’s been quite some time since I have traded with such a small account size and to be honest, I find it a bit more stressful. However, I have challenged myself to grow my small Futures account while keeping my risk minimal. One of the significant benefits that I have found trading in the Futures market is the time of day. I place most of my trades in the first hour of trading. The second chart below is a breakdown of those trades.

$400 An hour trading


$400 An Hour Trading


Can You Make $400 An Hour Trading The Markets Video

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